GoForth Music Arrangements and original compositions for wind quintet and other chamber ensembles


Darrell Goforth

I studied horn with Mike Hatfield at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati. 

Although I practiced pharmacy for over 40 years, my first love has been the horn and music for it.  In 1986 I formed the Coastal Winds Woodwind Quintet with my wife, Ellie (Flute), Raymond Patricio (Bassoon), Carol Anderson (Clarinet).  Our current oboist is Kristi Faircloth.  We quickly found that the literature for quintet was quite extensive, there was not enough quality arrangements for weddings, short concerts and general performance.  I began working on this and produced several pieces, some of which were playable.  Over the years I have endeavored to improve, and I think I have (at least the other members don't throw things at me).

I retired from pharmacy practice in 2011 and have since devoted my full time to playing and arranging.

I have recently begun trying some new groupings.  I have arranged for both Oboe and Clarinet with String Quartet and, most recently, a quartet of oboes and English Horn.  I am always looking for something new.  Suggestions are very welcome.

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